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BMW-Powered Hoverbike

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 10:00 PM PDT

What’s up people? Australian helicopter pilot, Chris Malloy has built a Hoverbike out of a BMW Boxer motor engine. Malloy used the Boxer motor to piece together this imaginative idea of the Hoverbike. He spent nearly two-and-a-half years developing and designing it. Check it out.

Malloy’s Hoverbike weighs 105kg (when dry) and has a similar style to any other motorcycle, with the pilot sitting in between in bodywork, with all control coming from the handlebars. The right-hand being a normal throttle controlling the power, with another twist-grip controlling the vanes that deflect the thrust to provide forward and backward movements. For turning corners, the handlebars are turned right or left, and to roll; the handlebars are pushed backwards and forwards.

Malloy finished constructing it and took it for the test flight at Sydney Helicopters, Australia. It lifted a meter off the ground.

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