State Agrees To Pay Out $5 Million To State Fair Stage Collapse Victims

Indiana's tort claims act limits the total amount of claims against the state for the tragic collapse of the Indiana State Fair grandstand stage rigging that killed 7 concert-goers and injured more than 40 others to $5 million. Today, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced the state would pay the maximum amount permitted by law. The state also announced that Kenneth Feinberg, the administrator of the fund that paid out claims to victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, had offered his services pro bono to administer the payout of claims to the victims of the state fair stage collapse.

State Fair officials also indicated that a special remembrance fund has raised more than $800,000 to date for the victims, including $554,000 raised from the proceeds donated from the Maroon 5 and Train concert relocated to Conseco Fieldhouse that was originally scheduled to take place at the State Fair's grandstand prior to the stage collapse. Feinberg will aid the fund in the distribution of the donated funds to the victims.

WRTV also reported today that a contract between the State Fair and Sugarland would have required the payment of at least $335,000 to the band even if the concert had been cancelled due to the approaching bad weather that toppled the stage rigging a short time before the band was scheduled to take the stage. In light of the tragedy that ensued, Sugarland notified state fair officials that it would not seek payment for the contracted amount. Fair officials insist money had nothing to do with their decision not to call the concert due to the approaching severe thunderstorm.

Songwriter George Green Dead At 59

Seymour, Indiana native George Green wrote the lyrics for some of John Mellencamp's greatest songs. The Bloomington Herald reports that he has succumbed to lung cancer in Albuquerquie, New Mexico where he has been living the last several years. He was 59. Mike Leonard reports on his death:

A Seymour native, Green was a classmate and childhood friend of Mellencamp’s and lived in Bloomington for many years before moving to New Mexico a decade ago.

“I’ve known George since we were in the same Sunday school class. We had a lot of fun together when we were kids. Later on, we wrote some really good songs together,” Mellencamp said this week. “George was a dreamer, and I was sorry to hear of his passing.”

Green co-wrote numerous songs with Mellencamp, including: “Human Wheels,” “Minutes to Memories,” “Hurts So Good,” “Crumblin’ Down,” “Rain on the Scarecrow” and “Key West Intermezzo.”

Other artists to record Green’s songs included Streisand, Jude Cole, Vanessa Williams, Hall & Oates, Gary Morris, Ricky Skaggs, Sue Medley and the Oak Ridge Boys.

“George Green was a superb lyricist who played an important role in moving John Mellencamp along the road to seriousness as a songwriter,” said Anthony DeCurtis, a longtime music writer and contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine. “His plain-spoken, poetic touch lifted many of John’s songs, and, I believe, helped teach John what was possible for him to achieve as a writer. John eventually internalized those gifts himself, and George provided a close-at-hand model for how that could happen.”

One of the most compelling Green/Mellencamp collaborations, “Human Wheels,” was born out of a poem Green wrote as a eulogy delivered at the grave site upon the death of his grandfather. “He had no intention of using it as a song,” Mellencamp said in a 2008 interview. “He had me read it and I said, ‘These are the best lyrics you ever wrote.’ He said, ‘They’re not lyrics’ and I said ‘I can make them lyrics.’ I took it and kind of cut it up and wrote the chorus.”

Another song that was one of Green’s favorites was “Higher Ground,” which was recorded by several artists, including Streisand. It was the title track to her 1997 album, which became the eighth No. 1 album in her career. “That’s one he always told people he wrote as a Valentine to me,” said his widow, Kathryn. “That was very sweet of him.”

Green said he often wrote lyrics with a melody or rhythm in mind, but he would never divulge either when he’d turn in his lyrics to his publishers, which included industry giants EMI and Warner/Chappell Music. “The funny thing was, when he heard something finished and the musicians were done with their end of the collaboration, the melody and rhythm often matched what was going on in his head in the first place,” his widow said.
“He was such a perfectionist. He could labor over a word for days or even weeks,” she said. “It had to be exactly right. And he always worked until it was.”

Kathryn Green said her husband was inspired to love words and 20th century American literature by a high school English teacher in Seymour. He was an ardent reader and book collector and owned a complete collection of the first edition works of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The longtime Bloomington resident suffered a serious heart attack in 1994 and learned then that he had a congenital deformity: his heart and the arteries supporting it were smaller than they should be. But his death was caused by a rapid-forming small cell lung cancer, his widow said. Doctors estimated that it took four weeks from the time the cancer began to his death Sunday afternoon at Lovelace Hospital in Albuquerque.

Green was born Jan. 28, 1952, the son of Harvey Green and Lucille Dunn. Survivors include his wife, Kathryn; four children: Nicholas Green, Carrie Evans, Ian Green and Sarah Bolivar; and 16 grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are being made by French Funerals Cremations of Albuquerque. A memorial service or celebration of life in Bloomington is being planned and will be announced at a later date.

The family also hopes to launch a memorial fund in Green’s honor for cardiac care at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.
I had the pleasure of meeting George Green a number of years ago when he testified before a committee of the Indiana House of Representatives that was considering legislation that would have hampered the ability of songwriters to earn royalties on the publication of their songs. He came across as a very humble man who simply believed businesses who played his and other songwriters music in their establishments for the listening pleasure of their patrons should pay for the privilege of playing his music. Unlike performers, songwriters for their livelihood rely more heavily on the royalties that are collected by copyrighted music licensing organizations, which license businesses that play their copyrighted music in their businesses. His message was very simple, if not well-received by the legislators on the committee, who were more interested in casting votes for the Indiana Retail Council, which was pushing the legislation. I'll never forget the legislation's author telling me that he could care less whether songwriters like Green earned royalties from their music. The retailers contributed a lot of money to his campaign and they represented a far greater number of people than songwriters like Green he told me. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the legislature watered down the bill the author was carrying for the retail industry to the point of making it harmless, particularly considering that its transparent purpose was to usurp federal copyright law.

This weekend at the Vinyl Garage in Woodstock NY

It's that semi-time of year again. Mark Zip puts up the tents, opens the garage, and offers all sorts of wondrous items for your approval. Behold, "The Hell with Hurricane Irene! The Huge! Insane! Labor Day Music Yard Sale is ON!"

Woodstock NY – Sept 3, 4, 5 – 2011 10:00AM - 6:00PM each day, rain or shine. Click here for map & directions.

Zip’s Ziggurat presents another Huge! Insane! Music Yard Sale!

10,000s of LPs , CDs, 45s +12”s - rock, pop, hip hop, country, dance, world, folk, reggae, soul, alt.rock, jazz, funk, punk, r+b, metal, classical, techno, new wave, house, old-timey, breaks, spoken, 80’s, electro, blues, promos, DVDs (music + features), tons more.

Many at insultingly low prices. As low as $0.50 (hey, some are even “cheaper than free”). Listen before you buy. Free refreshments too!

Osnas Lane
Near Rt 212 + Glasco Turnpike junction (Next to Red Onion Restaurant)
Woodstock / West Saugerties NY

Good Times: Nile on skates

These images of Nile Rodgers rollerskating in his kitchen during a recent rainy weekend were too great not to point out. Hat tip to Disney Roller Girl.

Vaughn Mason & Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll:

Chic - Good Times:

Congressman Carson Says Tea Party Wants Blacks Hanging On A Tree

Hearing is believing. Your representative in Congress, Andre Carson, told a gathering of the Congressional Black Caucus recently that members of the Tea Party view blacks as "second-class citizens" who would like to see blacks "hanging on a tree." Worse yet, Carson's comments seemed to suggest that those views were held by some of his fellow Republican members in Congress. Carson's spokesman, Jason Tomsci, confirmed to the Indianapolis Star that he had made the comments and "they represented Carson's frustration with Republican efforts in Congress to cut back on programs such as Head Start that help African Americans and other minorities." Absolutely unbelievable. This man is not fit to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. His constituents must demand his resignation. It's hard to believe that a man who holds these views could actually represent a white majority district in Congress. His race-baiting views are so far removed from mainstream thought that he cannot possibly represent his constituents effectively in Congress. What an embarrassment he has become to the people of his district.

UPDATE: I'm still waiting for the Indiana Republican Party and the Marion Co. Republican Party to respond appropriately to Carson's outrageous and insulting comments. It's pretty sad that they must be prompted to respond. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, particularly given the way the Marion Co. Republican Party turned its back on the Tea Party movement that put it back in control of Indianapolis city government four years ago.

UPDATE: U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-FL), the only Republican African-American member of the Congressional Black Caucus, is threatening to resign his membership in the organization in a letter to its chairman unless it condemns the inflammatory comments made by Rep. Carson:

"It is unconscionable when a fellow CBC Member, Congressman Andre Carson, comes to South Florida and claims that some in the Tea Party would love to see black Americans 'hanging on a tree,'" West wrote Wednesday in a letter to CBC chair Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), which he also released to the media. "It is appalling to hear another CBC colleague, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, say 'The Tea Party can go straight to hell.'
"As Chairman of the CBC, I believe it is incumbent on you to both condemn these types of hate-filled comments, and to disassociate the Congressional Black Caucus from these types of remarks. Otherwise, I will have to seriously reconsider my membership within the organization."

Congressman Carson's desire to generally criticize a large grassroots group as racist is baseless and desperate. When individuals believe they are defeated in a political disagreement, they normally resort to race-baiting, which in my opinion is in itself racist.

As a member of the CBC, I look forward to working with you to help end this practice. All of us, especially Congressman Carson, Congresswoman Waters and others who have engaged in racially-motivated rhetoric, should follow the example of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., not the example of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

SKODA power plant to reduce CO2 emissions by a quarter

SKODA power plant to reduce CO2 emissions by a quarter


SKODA power plant to reduce CO2 emissions by a quarter

Posted: 30 Aug 2011 07:42 PM PDT


SKODA wants to reduce the CO2 emissions from the thermal power plant SkoEnergo by one quarter until the year 2015. The reduction is to be achieved primarily through the utilization of biomass. In 2015, about one third of the total power generated shall come from renewable energies. The power plant of the SKODA subsidiary SkoEnergo was put into operation in 2000. It produces power for the vehicle production at the headquarters of the manufacturer and serves as the thermal power plant for the city of Mlada Boleslav.

  • Emissions from the Mlada Boleslav power plant to be lowered by 130,000 metric tons of CO2 per year by 2015
  • An important contribution within the framework of the sustainability strategy of the manufacturer
  • One third of the power to be generated from biomass

The annual power generation by SkoEnergo amounts to 420,000 MWh. Even today, 50,000 MWh of that amount is already generated through the incineration of biomass. Until the year 2015, the amount of power generated from biomass should increase to 140,000 MWh. One third of the generated power should then be provided by renewable sources.

Michael Oeljeklaus, the SKODA board member for production and logistics as well as the chairman of the supervisory board of SkoEnergo, underlines the important contribution of this measure toward the sustainability strategy of the car manufacturer: “In order to evaluate the environmental friendliness of a vehicle, one must take its entire lifecycle into consideration. In doing so, an environmentally friendly production is of extraordinary importance. We have already achieved significant improvements with the construction of the power plant in 2000. Now, SkoEnergo wants to take another giant step in the next four years and reduce CO2 emissions by a total of 25 percent until 2015. This is a central measure within the framework of our sustainability policy and shows how determined SKODA pushes its efforts in environmental protection,” said Oeljeklaus.

Miroslav Zdansky, the commercial manager of SkoEnergo, adds: “Our company is steadily reducing CO2 emissions. Biomass has already been used since the year 2005 and to date has proven to be very effective. The savings amount to about 50,000 metric tons of CO2 per year compared to the traditional energy generation through the incineration of coal and gas. With the measures being implemented until 2015, we can increase the annual savings up to 130,000 metric tons of CO2.”

Whereas classic coal-fired power plants release 750,000 metric tons of CO2 into the air in the production of the same amount of energy, SkoEnergo’s modern facility was able to reduce CO2 emissions to 520,000 metric tons. Until 2015, emissions are to decrease to 390,000 metric tons.

- Skoda

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SKODA power plant to reduce CO2 emissions by a quarter

We Are Players by Stephen Brooks

Posted: 30 Aug 2011 07:03 AM PDT


We Are Players by Stephen Brooks

A short film from the recent Scene Media x Players BBQ held at Meguiars HQ in the UK .. fantastic afternoon with some cool cars, cool people and good food!

Music – DJ Fresh : Louder​players

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We Are Players by Stephen Brooks

SKODA has started producing a test fleet of Octavia Green E lines

Posted: 29 Aug 2011 07:55 PM PDT


SKODA has started producing a test fleet of Octavia Green E lines

SKODA Auto has started producing a test fleet of ten Octavia Green E Lines. In cooperation with contractors, the vehicles will be used to gather information regarding the actual usability, reliability and safety of electromobiles. SKODA’s first-ever vehicle with a 100% electric drive, the Octavia Green E Line pursues the brand’s strategy focused on environmentally friendly operation of passenger cars.

  • SKODA has launched production of an electromobile test fleet
  • Ten electromobiles in total to be used for gaining experience in ordinary traffic
  • The testing is to be done in cooperation with contractors

The first Octavia Green E Lines are going to appear on the road this year in autumn. Drivers will recognize it by design marks and new safety feature – sound generator that simulates sound of engine up to the speed of 40 km/h). Experts believe that electromobiles will play an increasingly important role in reducing CO2 emissions. In close cooperation with the Volkswagen Group, SKODA wants to play a leading role in this process. That is why information gathered in ordinary traffic is seen as an important input for further research & development in this area.

Electric drive is an integral part of the package of drive technologies that SKODA offers across its model portfolio in its quest to reduce emission and consumption levels and increase effectiveness. Whether it is downsizing applied throughout the engine portfolio or sophisticated technologies used in the second-generation GreenLine models such as the start-stop system, energy recovery and now the electric drive, the key driver is always the same, i.e. the brand’s intention to offer vehicles that are as environmentally friendly and as safe as possible. In pursuit of this philosophy, SKODA is going to offer its customers the first plug-in hybrid vehicle in the future.

SKODA Auto BOD Member for Technological Development Dr. Eckhard Scholz says: “Emission-free mobility is one of our key goals for the future, and my opinion is that electromobiles are the right answer to the increasingly stringent emission limits and the need to develop the automotive industry sustainably. Our strength lies in a combination of our highly competent and qualified technological development staff and the Volkswagen Group’s extensive know-how, and I believe that it is exactly this combination that will enable us to develop an electromobile to be seen as a real step forward.”

The Green E Line is based on the Skoda Octavia Combi. With its modular floor design, this series-production car is considered the ideal option in terms of arranging the battery, the electronic control units and the electric engine with a constant power of 60 kW and max. power of 85 kW. In developing this car, SKODA used some of the existing VW Group modules, too. Available right after the start (as is typical of this type of drive), the maximum torque of 270 Nm gives the car enough power for a sharp pull-out and a good amount of agility and responsiveness, which the driver will appreciate mainly when accelerating in busy city traffic. The Octavia Green E Line accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just twelve seconds, and its maximum speed is limited to 135 km/h. The electricity for the Octavia Green E Line is supplied by a modern ion-lithium battery (26.5 kWh) with a range-per-charge of 150 kilometers that is made up of 180 lithium-ion cells, weighs about 315 kilograms and recovers energy as the driver brakes with the engine.

- Skoda

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SKODA has started producing a test fleet of Octavia Green E lines

More On Mourdock Hits Back Against Howey And Rusthoven

A few days ago, I told you about how State Treasurer Richard Mourdock had taken strong exception to a charge made against him by Brian Howey of Howey Politics and Barnes & Thornburg's Peter Rusthoven that he was responsible for $1.2 billion in recent losses incurred by Indiana's Public Employees Retirement Fund. As Mourdock explained, he merely serves as one of several trustees in his capacity as State Treasurer on PERF's board, which is largely made up of appointees of Gov. Mitch Daniels. The board actually hires outside financial advisers to manage and invest the funds. Howey's criticism of Mourdock didn't end with the PERF losses. Mourdock has penned a response to Howey's criticism, which to his credit, Howey has published in full at his website.

Mourdock is particularly upset with what he calls Howey's "errant and bias reporting" on his personal finances. In particular, Mourdock took exception to Howey's suggestion that he relied on insider information to unload a large part of his stock portfolio prior to S&P's decision to downgrade the nation's credit rating from its long-standing AAA status.

Howey wrote: “Mourdock unloaded his personal stock portfolio on Aug. 2, the day Congress passed and President Obama signed the debt ceiling deal.” That’s wrong. The order to sell my stock was placed well before Aug. 2 and occurred over several days.

Howey, who has criticized me previously, apparently thought innuendo was in order and attempted to smear me by including in his article: “The Washington Post reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into whether certain market participants learned of the downgrade before its announcement.”

Fact: Standard and Poor’s announced publicly weeks before the downgrade that if $4 trillion wasn’t cut from the federal budget a downgrade would occur. Call me a prudent investor because I believed them.

Mourdock claims another report by Howey made it appear that he had not done his homework when he called for the firing of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner. Howey noted that Lugar voted against Geitner's confirmation when it came before the Senate. Mourdock says he was aware of that fact, but that he still expected Lugar to show leadership by leading the push for his resignation.

Before making that public statement, I researched the issue and determined that Senator Lugar voted against the confirmation of Geithner. During a TV interview on the story, a reporter shot back with “but Mr. Lugar voted against the Geithner confirmation.” I nodded my head affirmatively on camera and said: “He did. Well he gets a chance to lead now ….”

In his written text, Howey reported my response as “He did? Well he gets a chance to lead now…. “

By altering my affirmative and definitive statement to a question, Howey clearly wanted the reader to believe I was neither prepared nor knowledgeable.

Finally, Mourdock takes strong exception to the mischaracterization of his challenge of the Obama administration's bailout of the Chrysler Corporation that allowed secured creditors' rights, including Indiana pension fund investments, to be wiped out in contravention of long-standing bankruptcy law.

Howey’s criticisms of me began two years ago when I fought to stop the confiscation of Indiana pensioners’ funds in the Chrysler bankruptcy. He disagreed with my actions and had the right then and now to disagree with me. But still, two years after the fact, the fundamental reporting is wrong. He wrote that Chrysler stock had been purchased. No, secured debt was purchased not stock. This is a critical distinction in this important story.

Howey continued: “The U.S. Supreme Court refused to take the case.” Wrong again. On Dec. 14, 2009, the nation’s High Court granted our petition in the case and acted immediately to vacate the decision of the lower court that led to the approval of the Chrysler bankruptcy plan. He may not have approved of my actions but the facts cannot be denied and ought to be reported.

Mourdock concluded:

Facts are stubborn things.

I sincerely believe reporters have tough jobs as facts are not always easily discernible. I do not expect perfection. I accept fair criticism. Howey’s recent article demonstrates that facts and context weren’t convenient to the story he wished to sell.

Readers deserve facts and truth. Howey left them badly wanting.

Pennsylvania Prosecutor Not As Generous To Kruse As Indiana Prosecutor

A Dauphin County, Pennsylvania prosecutor has charged former auctioneer Dean Kruse with felony theft for selling a 1919 Sayers and Scoville hearse that belonged to John Bosk for $43,000 at an auction his now-defunct Kruse International conducted in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2008 but failing to turn over the next proceeds to Bosk. This same scenario has played out over and over again over the past couple of years, but prosecutors in Kruse's DeKalb County have essentially left it up to the defrauded owners to sue Kruse in civil court proceedings as their sole remedy. The Journal-Gazette's Angela Mapes Turner explains:

Although Kruse has faced numerous challenges in civil court, the felony theft charge marks a new approach. It is unclear whether Dauphin County authorities will try to extradite Kruse. Messages left Tuesday with investigators in Dauphin County were not returned.
Kruse was considered one of the fathers of the American automobile auction industry and held one of the world’s top auctions for years in Auburn. His financial woes brought down the empire last year when complaints led to the suspension of his auctioneer’s license and revocation of his auction house.
He has been sued repeatedly in recent years, in multiple states, for his business practices. He sold his large auction-park property south of Auburn last year to Auctions America by RM, a subsidiary of one-time Kruse rival RM Auctions.
Kruse has said previously his financial problems began at the onset of the recession when he began releasing sold vehicles without first securing payment. In August 2009, Kruse endured a spate of bad publicity as unhappy customers sought out media days before what would be Kruse International’s last Auburn auction.
Kruse’s final Hershey auction led to several lawsuits, including one filed by the auction venue, according to DeKalb County court records.

This is a common complaint you hear from people defrauded out of their money in transactions with unscrupulous business operators. If a person steals your car, the prosecutor has no qualms with bringing criminal charges against the person who stole your car. If the person steals that same car from you in a business transaction by refusing to pay you, prosecutors will often tell you that it is a civil matter with which they can't be bothered.

By way of comparison, special prosecutor Dan Sigler charged Secretary of State Charlie White with felony theft for drawing a salary as a Fishers Town Council member for a period of a few months during which he did not reside in his district, although nobody questions that he performed the duties of his office and White actually returned the salary he earned. Kruse sold a number of automobiles at his car auction in Auburn, Indiana and accepted payment from the buyers, but he never turned the net proceeds of the sales over to the sellers. No prosecutor in DeKalb County has charged him with theft. It seems like an unequal application of our criminal laws.

Inline Performance Magazine

Inline Performance Magazine

IPM Accepts Tim Lincecum’s Redbull Ultimate Challenge

Posted: 29 Aug 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Hey, what’s going on everyone? It’s been a while since I updated my little section here and thought I’d let you know that the IPM team has recently accepted Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants’ Ultimate pitching challenge sponsored by Redbull. Wow, that was a mouth full.

Anyways, the rules are pretty simple: duplicate Tim Lincecum’s unique pitching style, or impress him with yours. So, here are my entry, Graham’s and Paul’s. Enjoy.

The most accurate pitches actually came from Graham. You heard him in the video, he can throw.

Be sure to head on over to to cast your vote. Some of those kids have cannons for arms!

You can also submit your own, just make sure they are under one minute. Entries are accepted until September 16th and voting begins the day following.

Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to order your copy of the 2011 print edition of Inline Performance Magazine HERE at the pre-order price until supplies last.

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New book alert - Bob Gruen's Rock Seen

 FoB© Bob Gruen has a new book out now via the folks at Abrams. After having quite a few wonderful books published of his work over the years, this is, surprisingly, the first time anyone has published a career covering compendium. And Gruen has about 40 years of rock 'n' roll road behind him at this point. Regular readers of Stupefaction will know this. I've seen a copy of this, and its absolutely beautiful...put together with the usual care for detail that Abrams specializes in. Check it out, and order here.

"For 40 years, Bob Gruen’s name has been synonymous with rock and roll. From taking early photos on tour with Ike and Tina Turner, to capturing the early CBGB/Max’s Kansas City scene to covering current stadium rockers such as Green Day, Gruen has always been at the right place at the right time—and he’s always gotten the shot. In this lavish monograph, Gruen has curated his favorite photographs from his career, with intimate captions and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Featuring such illustrious acts as the Clash, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Ramones, and more, and including an introduction by the legendary Debbie Harry of Blondie, this collection is a must-have for all fans of rock and roll."

Get yer earplugs ready, D-Gen is back!


What initially seemed to be a few recently announced casual reunion shows has apparently turned into a full blown reunion for keepers of the rock 'n' roll flame, D-Generation.

Along with the announcement of shows comes the news that the band will be releasing new material in 2012. The band have confirmed shows for early September in Spain and London leading up to a NYC headline show at Irving Plaza and then San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Austin and possibly more. The band will be playing material from their three full-length albums D-Generation (1994), No Lunch (1996) and Through The Darkness (1999), and plan to write new material, post shows, for a release in 2012.

Originally splitting in 1999, the members (Jesse Malin, Danny Sage, Howie Pyro, Michael Wildwood and Richard Bacchus) last got together as D-Generation in 2008. Legendary Rolling Stone writer, David Fricke, has said about one of the band's more well known songs: "There is no better sales pitch for the snot-rock classicism and teenage-warfare spirit of D-Generation than [the song] "No Way Out." Richard Bacchus’ and Danny Sage’s guitars spit bullets, singer Jesse Malin seethes with rabid impatience. Malin, Sage, Bacchus, bassist Howie Pyro and drummer Michael Wildwood embrace the values of aggressive brevity." Fricke went on to label the song a "stone classic" and fervently predicted more to come from the band.

"No Way Out":

D-Generation has toured with such artists as Social Distortion, L7, Green Day, Cheap Trick, The Misfits, and The Offspring, among many others. Most notably, the band also played on The Ramones’ farewell tour and the KISS reunion tour.

In closing, guitarist Danny Sage says of the new era of D-Generation, “I think it’s a good time for D-Generation. The state of rock & roll is so pathetic, and somebody needs to kick it in the ass and I’m glad it’s us.” Hear, hear!

"She Stands There":

9/02 Benidorm, Spain @ Turborock Fest
9/03 Santander, Spain @ Turborock Fest
9/05 London, UK @ Borderline
9/17 New York @ Irving Plaza
9/23 San Diego, CA @ Casbah
9/24 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
9/25 Oakland, CA @ The Uptown
10/08 Chicago, IL @ Double Door / Riot Fest

D-Generation official website.

Photo ©Bob Gruen. Story originally done for The Vinyl District.

Daily Travels - Since 1919

Gene's, 11th Street & 6th Ave

David Honeyboy Edwards RIP

David Honeyboy Edwards - RIP

Official: The new Volkswagen up!

Official: The new Volkswagen up!


Official: The new Volkswagen up!

Posted: 22 Aug 2011 07:00 AM PDT


Official: The new Volkswagen up!

Gallery after the jump!

Four years after the first up! concept was revealed, Volkswagen will bring the up! to the European masses. Due to U.S buyers need for large vehicles with excessive storage, VW has no immediate plans to bring it stateside. The production model will come in three “budget” trims; the take up! is the entry-level car, move up! the comfort-oriented one and high up! the top version. Two launch models will be available based on the high up!; the up! black and the up! white.

Two new 1-liter engine versions, City Emergency Braking, Portable Infotainment Device (PID) and a great interior design will make this urban vehicle standout. Look for it to hit European roads in December.

up! debuts as first car in its class with City Emergency Braking

Volkswagen has redrawn the map of the small car world. The goal: to develop a small car with charisma, a small car with maximum space on a minimal footprint, a small car with the most fuel-efficient engines or an electric drive, a small car with intuitive infotainment and operating systems, a small car with the safety of a large car. The result is the new up! It measures a short 3.54 meters and is a specialist for everyday urban living that was thought through to the last detail. This car – like the larger Polo and the even larger Golf – will appeal to people of all ages and mobility wishes.

Affordable for everyone. In launching the up!, Volkswagen is not only putting a new car in motion; it is also redefining the parameters of customization and financing. This means that along with clearly delineated equipment lines on the up!, new features will be offered such as up! boxes – e.g. box sets for shopping, long trips or for children on board. The up! will have an infotainment system that owners can tailor to their personal profiles using apps. And because a small car needs to be affordable, a new financing model known as AutoCredit2 that is exclusively tailored to up! buyers will offer greater financial freedom thanks to its flexible configuration options. And for many people, this will make the goal of driving a safe and economical new car more attainable than ever. Like the Beetle back in the 1950s, one could say that the up! is once again “democratizing” car driving.

Launch in December. The up! will first be launched in the European market. It all starts in December. There are 3 versions for different budgets and needs: take up! is the entry-level car, move up! the comfort-oriented one and high up! the top version. Directly at the car’s market launch, there will also be 2 independent models based on the high up!: the up! black and the up! white.

Official: The new Volkswagen up!

New generation of engines

4.2 l/100 km with petrol engine. Debuting in the up! is a new generation of three-cylinder petrol engines. They output 44 kW / 60 PS and 55 kW / 75 PS. Combined fuel consumption as a BlueMotion Technology version (including a Stop/Start system): 4.2 l/100 km (60 PS) and 4.3 l/100 km (75 PS). Both of these 1.0-litre engines emit less than the 100 g/km CO2 limit. A natural gas engine with 50 kW / 68 PS with the same basic configuration will follow. Its combined fuel consumption of 3.2 kg/100 km (natural gas) is equivalent to a CO2 value of 86 g/km; as a BlueMotion Technology version the natural-gas powered up! even attains a low CO2 value of 79 g/km. There are also definite plans for an up! with an electric drive for the year 2013.

First small car with City Emergency Braking

Stops automatically. An important new safety technology system is the optional City Emergency Braking. It is automatically active at speeds under 30 km/h, and it uses a laser sensor to detect the risk of an imminent collision. Depending on the vehicle’s speed and the driving situation, City Emergency Braking can reduce accident severity by initiating automatic brake interventions – and possibly even avoid a crash. So far, the up! is the only vehicle in the segment to be offered with an emergency braking function for city driving.

Dimensions and styling for the world’s metropolitan areas

Extremely long wheelbase. With its noted 3.54 metre length and 1.64 metre width, the up! is one of the smallest four-seat cars. The Volkswagen is 1.48 meters tall. Its overall length consists of conspicuously short body overhangs and a very long wheelbase (2.42 meters) – a body layout that fully utilizes the space available in the new design. Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design for the Volkswagen Brand says: “If the goal is to maximize space, the ideal form for a small car would be a rectangular box. In the up! we were able to sculpt such a box with a clean and powerful design that does not lose sight of space utilization.” The front end of the up! reveals much about the car’s character. Klaus Bischoff: “The face is unmistakably that of a genuine Volkswagen, but with a very independent personality. Naturally, the familiar styling characteristics of our brand face can also be found on the up! – the emphasis of horizontal elements and the connection of the grille and headlights to form a band, the accents created by small angles and the characteristic light signature of the headlights. But more than on any of the other models, the up! definitely shows a smile. The up! is simply appealing, and it appeals in a simple way!”

Official: The new Volkswagen up!

Uncompromisingly good use of interior space

Small giant. Space utilization in the car is exceptionally good, because of its wheelbase – one of the longest in the segment – combined with an engine that is mounted well forward. Although the driver, front passenger and 2 rear passengers are traveling in a small car, it is by no means a cramped vehicle. On the contrary. Consider the boot: 251 liters are significantly more than is typical in the vehicle class of the up! When the rear seat is fully folded, cargo space even increases to 951 liters. These two values show that in its interior the up! will be a giant among small cars.

An interior design that is fun

Lots of interior color. Essentially, the up! interior has a very clean and well-organized layout. The new Volkswagen also offers numerous clever and detailed solutions, fun styling and a level of quality that will enhance the market segment. Especially high-end is the Dash Pad, an instrument pad extending crosswise in front of the driver and front passenger. Depending on the equipment line, either decor paint or one of the 5 body colors is used in the interior.

up! boxes – small things that make a big difference

The developers of the up! asked themselves whether everyday living with the car could be structured in a simpler and friendlier way. Their answer was a decisive yes! Because it is often the small things that make a big difference. And that is how the idea of the up! boxes came about. Small, lightweight boxes for a wide variety of situations and needs. Take the “kid box”, for example, that was designed for parents with small children; it includes a bag for the thousand small items that are essential with small children; and of course a toy to cuddle with and a lunch box for the obligatory snacks. Other up! boxes will be called the “city box” and the “travel box”. And their names are their agendas.

Official: The new Volkswagen up!

maps + more – the Portable Infotainment Device (PID)

Mobile Information. For the first time in a Volkswagen, the maps + more system is now being offered, a mobile Portable Infotainment Device (PID). In the economically priced up!, this is a system that is equally economical and was developed to organize the navigation, telephone, information and entertainment areas. In cooperation with Navigon, one of the world’s leading suppliers of navigation systems, a special solution was tailored to the up! which is affordable for all buyers – maps + more. The user simply snaps the PID into place above the centre console. Unlike many other similar systems of this type, maps + more melds with the car’s network of systems much better: navigation, telephone and infotainment can now be controlled and viewed via the PID touchscreen, and the touchscreen can also be used to view important vehicle information, such as the visual display of the ParkPilot (controls the car’s distance to the next vehicle). Apps specially developed for the up! also let users extend maps + more to meet their specific needs.

Features and technical data apply to models offered in Germany. They may differ in other countries. All fuel economy and driving performance data are forecast values as of August 2011.

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Official: The new Volkswagen up!