Curry's Office Cuts Lenient Plea Deal For Mass Shooter

It looks like Terry Curry is a criminal's best friend. After dropping charges against a giant scrap metal dealer that his predecessor claimed played a key role in aiding and abetting metal thieves who stole millions of dollars worth of metal from Marion Co. residents, Marion Co. Prosecutor Terry Curry has struck a plea agreement with last year's lone gunman who shot nine teen-agers in Downtown Indianapolis who were attending Black Expo's Summer Celebration that will let the mass shooter off with a prison sentence of less than five years. Curry doesn't think a person who pulls out a gun and fires it in a crowd shooting nine people is committing anything worse than criminal recklessness. WRTV has more on Curry's outrageous plea agreement with Shamus Patton:

A teen who had been charged in a mass shooting after Indiana Black Expo's Summer Celebration last year has agreed to a deal in which he will plead guilty to most of the charges against him.
Shamus Patton was 17 when he was arrested in July 2010 on 14 adult charges connected to the shootings of nine people, all between the ages of 10 and 19.
As part of the plea agreement, Patton, now 18, will plead guilty in August to two counts of battery, criminal recklessness, criminal gang activity and carrying a handgun without a license. 
The state has agreed to drop a sentencing enhancement on the criminal gang activity charge. Under the deal filed Wednesday, the judge can sentence him to no more than 10 years in prison. He already has served one year in the Marion County Jail.
Because Patton has already served one year in jail, he will likely be out on the streets in no more than four short years where statistics tell us there is an overwhelming likelihood he will commit a criminal offense at least as serious as the ones he has already committed in his short life. Think about the younger teen in Martinsville who faces 50 years in prison for shooting one teen-ager compared to the light sentence this kid is getting for shooting nine teen-agers. Thanks a lot, Terry. Great prosecutor's office you're running there. This should place Curry high on the list of potential award recipients for next year's Indiana Black Expo.