Soul Movie of the Week - This England: Northern Soul

Wigan Casino, Wigan, England
Here's a good bit of trivia for you: Which club was voted #1 in the world in 1978, ahead of NYC's Studio 54, by Billboard Magazine? It was the Wigan Casino, of course - at the time home to one of the biggest music scenes in the world unknown to the rest of the civilized world. How big was the northern soul scene in the UK? Big enough that reissues of soul singles would chart on the back of spins by northern DJ's like Casino founder Russ Winstanley. Over the years, the scene's influence has grown through the publication of books, movies, and tons of amazing compilation albums, all well worth exploring. If you need a good example of the typical sound that would make it on the northern scene, check today's Before & After selection - "Beggin'" by Frankie Valli.