Bayh Calls White's Vote Fraud Allegations Against Him Baseless Without Explanation

Former U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh has sent an e-mail to the Indianapolis Star claiming that Secretary of State Charlie White's allegation that he and his wife are committing vote fraud by voting from a north side condominium at which they've never resided, and committing homestead exemption fraud by claiming that same condominium as their principal residence, as "baseless."
“Mr.White's assertions are baseless,” Bayh said in an email from his assistant Wednesday . . .
“His situation is factually and legally different than mine,” Bayh said, but he did not elaborate.
Bayh is correct that his situation is "factually and legally different" than White's. White has resided at all times in Hamilton County, Indiana where he is registered to vote. Aside from the time Bayh served as Secretary of State and Governor, he has resided in Washington, D.C., except for a short period when he was a child. He moved with his parents to Washington when his father was elected to the U.S. Senate. He only returned to Indiana to attend undergraduate school at Indiana University in Bloomington, and to clerk for a federal judge during law school. After his graduation from the University of Virginia Law School, he took a job as an attorney at a D.C. law firm. He only claimed a residence owned by his father in Indiana for voting purposes so he could run for office here. As soon as he finished his public service, his claim that he didn't lose residency in Indiana no longer holds true. Neither he nor Susan would ever live in that cheap condo he is claiming as his personal residence. It's as believable as their former registered voting addresses claiming they both resided at the homes of Fred Glass and Philip Lehmkuhler. If you believe that, then you believe the Bayhs are swingers. It's nothing but the best for them. They reside in a palatial, $2.3 million home in Washington. He is flat out lying to claim they reside in Indianapolis. Evan and Susan Bayh are flagrantly violating the law.

Charlie White is only accused of voting from his ex-wife's home (a home the couple jointly-owned prior to their recent divorce) instead of registering at a condo he purchased as his residence for his second marriage. He did not move into the home until he and his second wife were married, at which time he changed his voting registration. Nobody questions the fact that White has always lived in Hamilton County where he was registered to vote; they only challenge whether he should have voted in one particular election at the precinct of his ex-wife's home or at the precinct in which his new home is located. The three-member Recount Commission concluded that he broke no laws with respect to his voting residence. Nonetheless, the Democratic Party has continued its quest to personally destroy and bankrupt him by dragging out the process through an appeal. White is seeking to dismiss dubious criminal charges a Democratic special prosecutor convinced a grand jury to file against him. A motion filed by his attorney challenge both the validity of the grand jury proceedings conducted by the special prosecutor and the sufficiency of the multiple indictments returned by that grand jury.