How To Paint A Car – Learn From An Expert!

Posted: 15 May 2011 07:03 PM PDT

As much as I hope that the articles I’ve written on respraying a car have been helpful to you, I am only a rank amateur and the little knowledge that I do have is the result of watching other people and plenty of my own trial and error. If you are keen to learn from [...]

How To Re-Paint A Car – Part One – General Info

Posted: 14 May 2011 08:22 AM PDT

With Mechanical Repairs off my list of things to do for a while due to ongoing problems with my back I thought I would do a tutorial on what I know about Re-Painting a car. No, I am not talking about getting a tin of Mission Brown Enamel and the widest brush you can find [...]

How To Repaint A Car – Part Two – Preparation

Posted: 13 Apr 2011 04:37 PM PDT

Finally! Part Two is here – The all important preparation. Between the camera taking an early holiday and my good ‘ole back injury flaring up again nothing much has been happening around here, and I apologize for that. Anyhoo, on with the show. Our ‘ guinea pig’ VN Commodore is for the most part a [...]

How To Repaint A Car – Part Three – Dent Repair

Posted: 28 Mar 2011 08:50 AM PDT

Our project VN Commodore is finally back in the garage and ready for some straightening and painting. Repairing Dents In this part I would like to talk about dent repairs. Our Commodore is reasonably straight with only a few ‘shopping trolley’ dents that need to be repaired, however the methods used here can also be [...]