Spierer Family Detective Has Unflattering Views Of Bloomington Police And IU

The parents of missing IU student Lauren Spierer has hired Bo Dietl, a former NY Police detective and TV personality, to investigate the disappearance of their daughter. He has some very unflattering comments about Bloomington's police chief and the drug culture at IU. WTHR reports on Dietl's comments on a New York TV program:

During a Friday morning segment, Dietl disclosed that his team of detectives has been in Bloomington investigating the Lauren Spierer missing persons case.
Dietl says he's been trying to help the family find "their little girl".
When asked about cooperation between local police and his investigators, Dietl replied, " I thought I was talking to Gomer Pyle out there."
" I met with the chief and all a gotta say is, thank God for New York City detectives".
Earlier in the interview Dietl said he saw rampant drug use on the IU campus.
"This is a Big Ten school," he said. "Kids walk around like 'Night of the Living Dead'."
I think Dietl has his TV characters confused. Barney Fife, not Gomer Pyle, would be the correct character in this context.