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How To Use Hands Free Mode on Sena SMH-10

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Hey guys, Graham here with another update on our trusty Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth motorcycle headset.

When you're in the middle of tearing up the twisties and get a phone call, the last thing you'd want to do is take your hand off the handlebars to answer it—even if answering the with your hand only takes one push of a button. But what if that call you get just as you're grabbing third gear and blasting onto a straightway is an important one you just have to take?

Fortunately, the Sena once again has you covered, thanks to the SMH-10's voice activation. Once the voice activation is turned on—as described in the video above—all you need to do is speak loudly when you receive an incoming phone call, and the Sena takes care of the rest.

It worked great in the IPM garage, as the video illustrates, but what about out on the road, where the constant wind and engine noise can easily throw voice control? Well, finally someone called me while I was riding with the headset on, so I got to put it to the test.

And, to my slight surprise, the voice activation worked perfectly. Ok, well almost perfectly. If you just say "Hello?" in a normal voice, like you would to answer your phone, it's too quite for the headset to pick up over the racket of the motorcycle. But after the first "hello" did do the trick, I positively shouted it the second time. Just what the doctor ordered, it seems, as my phone call was immediately connected.

I have to admit, while using a headset to communicate between your biker friends when you're all out on a ride is great, I was initially skeptical about needing to use my phone while I was riding—after all, many of us ride to get away from the annoyances of life.

But after three months with different headsets now, I'm hooked. Truly, I seldom answer when I'm on the road—riding a motorcycle is takes a lot more focus than driving a car—but I still love know that I've received a phone call or a text so that I can make sure to check it out the next time I stop for a break.

Keep it tuned for more, not only on the Sena, but also how it stakes up to its rivals from Scala, and be sure to order your copy of the 2011 print edition of Inline Performance Magazine HERE at the pre-order price until supplies last.

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