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2011 Nissan JUKE Commercial Offends Motorcyclists

Posted: 14 Sep 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Hey, what’s going on everyone? In what can only be described as an epic fail, Nissan has released, and then pulled, this commercial for their Juke.

How the higher ups at Nissan let this commercial through is beyond comprehension. Since when did it become okay to run down motorcyclists?

We, as motorcycles are already at a serious disadvantage on the roads. Why encourage such a deadly encounter? One commenter of the video makes a good point in that it makes no difference if it’s “fantasy.” It is as irresponsible of an ad as a smoking commercial.

UPDATE: Seems like Nissan somehow got the commercial pulled from YouTube, so here is a replacement video from Nissan I think you guys might enjoy.

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