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The Naked Truth

Posted: 06 Sep 2011 10:00 PM PDT

When I said I wanted something new and different before, I said I would be getting a bike completely out of the liter range. But since then, I've had a change of heart when I saw this beautiful 2003 Kawasaki Z1000 for the right price.

I am very familiar with Kawasaki because I’ve owned a 1995 ZX6 and a 2001 ZX6r sport, so I knew that this Japanese naked bike could take my city thrashing. The first thing that attracted me to her was the dual exhausts on both sides. This makes the bike look like a mean street fighting machine. The upright handle bars make for a nice comfortable riding position as opposed to my past bike, the 2006 Suzuki GSXR1000.

And the last owner was kind enough to install some heated handgrips for the foggy city, thanks! D616 Dunlop tires were installed and I must say not only do they look sexy, but they add to the extra zest of the bike. The Z1000 really picks up at about 4000rpm, and although lacks luster at the top, this bike still makes for a fantastic naked street bike.

The Z starts right up everytime and sounds like it's fresh off the showroom. This bike is not ideal for the twisties, but is decent enough to accomplish a fun and pleasant ride. I love the classic aggressive looks as it's still capable of drawing compliments from both the fresh and the well seasoned.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and the performance of this naked bike. It has turned out to be the best bang for my buck and as a whole the best economical purchase that I've made this year. The first mod of the bike might be the exhausts, but hopefully we can find some pipes that keep the twin style on both sides going. This is Studdly signing off folks.

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