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Piece by Piece, Project Corona is Coming Together

Posted: 02 Sep 2011 10:00 PM PDT

The next step in reassembling the GSX-R 600 was to replace the damaged radiator, using the good one from the same donor bike that donated its frame to Project Corona's rebuild.

Swapping out the damaged radiator really couldn't have been any easier, especially because none of the bodywork had been put on the bike yet. Connecting the large lower radiator hose one the right side of the bike first will allow most of the coolant to drain out in one place—hopefully into a bucket.

With the system drained, remove all the other coolant lines from the radiator. The radiator itself is mounted to the frame with mounting tabs, two on the top and one on the bottom. The lower mounting tab on the original radiator had been broken off, but the mounting hardware and rubber bushing were still attached to the frame, so we were able to reuse all the mounting hardware.

With the new radiator bolted back in place, it was time to connect all the coolant lines again. Project Corona's coolant lines were all in good shape, but you have any doubt, it's a lot easier to replace the hoses now than after you put everything back together only to find a leak.

Once all the clamps were back in place, all we had to do was carefully fill the system back up with coolant. I prefer the pre-diluted coolant, because it's made using distilled water, and won't cause deposits in the engine that could be left by regular tap water.

Since Project Corona isn't in running condition right now, all we could do was fill the system to the top. But once the bike is running again, we'll run the bike with the cooling system opened to allow any air bubbles trapped in the system to escape.

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