Daisy pines for PE and the Pop Group - coming up at ATP

There are a few reasons to jump in the car and jet to the Jersey Shore next week:

Number one is The Pop Group are going to play their first US gig this century. I guarantee you will never see a band like them. They were hot and funky in Punk Rock London last century, and haven't lost any of their edge or groove. I saw them this time last year at a tiny club called The Garage in Highbury, Islington (London), and don't regret the plane fare one bit. I went to both shows and both were magic. I understand they have been in the studio together since 9/12/2010. My hope was for a Pop Group-Christmas present but it hasn't happened - I believe that's a YET.

Pop Group vocalist Mark Stewart has been working on a collaboration record and has some mind-opening sounds in a recording facility near me. Hopefully that will be in the merch tent. Fingers crossed.

Their drummer is Bruce Smith - fresh from Public Image Limited's recent outings to spots around the world including a recent visit to Japan. He'll give your skeleton a dance lesson.

The second reason to get a ticket for OCTOBER 2 is that PUBLIC ENEMY are going to play the whole of their BRILLIANT album Fear of A Black Planet.

There's a brilliant download available on this link - and it's also where you can get your All Tomorrows parties tickets.

See you in the front row.