Recall Elections In Wisconsin Come Up Short For Democrats

Democrats have come up short in their attempt to use the recall election process in Wisconsin to block the Republican agenda. Six Republican state senators in Wisconsin faced recall elections yesterday, a response to their efforts to control state spending through collective bargaining reforms for public employees. Democrats and organized labor launched the recall efforts against the Republican lawmakers after a walkout by Democratic lawmakers failed to block legislation they opposed that Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the Republican-controlled legislature felt was needed to balance the state's budget. Democrats needed to topple at least three of the incumbent Republicans facing recall in yesterday's election. They defeated two incumbents, narrowing the Republicans control of the Senate from 19-14 to 17-16. Next week, two Democratic incumbent senators are facing recall elections that could help restore the Republicans' prior margin of control. More importantly for Republicans, though, is the fact that new district boundaries drawn by the Republican-controlled legislature are likely to favor Republicans in next year's regularly scheduled election.