A piece of Paradise in the Garage: Larry Levan 1979

Recently played on 6 Music, and posted at Undergound NYC, here is an amazing time capsule back to 1979...as broadcast originally on WBLS from the Paradise Garage celebrating the famed club's second anniversary, and featuring DJ Larry Levan, of course. Its not often that recordings of this quality & length surface, so enjoy it while you can. This, as they say, is the shit.

From the post from Dangerous Minds: ...the main attraction is Levan’s DJ set itself. For many people like me, whose number one time travel destination would be the Garage at its late 70s/early 80s peak, this is as close as we’re ever going to get. You can really feel the party atmosphere in the broadcast - which opens with live PAs from Loleatta Holloway, Dan Hartman AND Sylvester, reason enough to be excited - and Larry’s selection is damn near flawless. Sure, the mixing could be tighter, but this is 1979 fer Chrissakes - just check the massive booming bass on some of these tracks! Obviously dub was an influence, as was the Garage’s legendary PA. If you’re not dancing by the time Tribe’s “Koke” kicks in (arf) at 2:49:10 - straight after Candido’s club classic “Jingo” - then you’re most probably dead. 

...skip straight to 01:11:00 for the the broadcast to begin, and 01:52:00 for Levan to take over: