Makin' the Rock Scene

FoB© Ryan, over at Rye Bread Rodeo - dealer of some of the more amazing punk collectibles I've seen over the years - has done the world a service by creating Rock Scenester - an archive collecting every issue & page of Richard & Lisa Robinson's Rock Scene magazine, 1973-1982. This is astounding & its exactly what I've been trying to get Andy Schwartz to do for the NY Rocker for a few years now. Maybe he'll find this inspirational. Ryan...incredible work! Thank you.

Rock Scene was interesting in that they were very focused on New York, being based there, and they regularly covered bands (like the Dolls, et al) as if they were huge rock stars...

If this sort of thing turns you on, you may also be interested in these archives created for The International Times (link), and East Village Eye (link).