JW Marriott Claims Video Surveillance For Hinkle Case Unavailable

The JW Marriott may be Indianapolis' newest and most luxurious hotel, but it claims its video surveillance system hasn't been working--at least as far back as the night when State Rep. Phil Hinkle hooked up with an 18-year-old gay hustler to whom he paid $80 to spend the night with him.

Surveillance video that could shed light on a scandal involving Republican State Representative Phil Hinkle does not exist.
The JW Marriott's head of security said its surveillance system hasn't been working for at least 31 days, though.
That should be reassuring to guests who pay more than $200 a night to stay at the hotel that fashions itself as a "Fresh Take On Luxury." Now does anyone actually believe it is possible that this brand spanking new hotel's surveillance system has been out of operation for the past month? Not that it would matter if there was surveillance video available. The hotel's security tells Fox 59 News that nobody from IMPD has requested surveillance video or any other evidence regarding the Hinkle affair. That's because orders came from the top not to investigate the potential crimes both 18-year-old Kameryn Gibson and the 64-year-old Hinkle accused the other of committing, notwithstanding IMPD's insistence that there is no crime to investigate. If there is no crime to investigate, then IMPD should immediately drop all of the charges against persons it boasted of arresting for prostitution no more than a week before the Star broke the Hinkle scandal.

Next question: When will someone in the media ask Hinkle who paid for his hotel room that night? If he says he paid for it himself, demand he produce a receipt for the room charge. Let's see if Hinkle, other state lawmakers or city councilors report receiving as a gift free accommodations at the JW Marriott.

UPDATE: A Star editorial today calls on Hinkle to resign his office. It reads, in part:

Hinkle argues that he broke no law. That is debatable. And at the least, he certainly brushed the edge of illegality, risking his reputation, credibility and effectiveness as a lawmaker in the process. Whatever forces made him do it, he gambled what he could not afford to lose, and he lost. He should call an end to the damage he has inflicted on himself, his family and his constituents, and step aside.