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Bitubo Rear Shock

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Eager to finish Project Corona before the summer riding season ends, we have a new update on the status of the Suzuki GSX-R600. Today, we are installing a fully adjustable rear shock from Bitubo.

With a stylish red coil spring adding pizzazz and contrast to the yellow fairings, the Bitubo fully adjustable rear shock will make a great addition to Project Corona, as well as improving the riding characteristics.

Installation of the Bitubo rear shock begins with connecting the mounting hardware. In the past updates, the swing arm was installed and we utilized the newer adjustable doglegs from Project Corona. All that is left now is to attach the upper mount for the rear shock before sliding the shock into place.

After applying grease to preserve the longevity of the bolts, we added thread locking compound and torqued the nuts to specification. We do not want our new shock to fall off after the first bump!

Future updates will include reinstalling the rear wheel, with a fresh new tire and working on the front end, the controls, and
even the fairings.

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