I Need Your Help

If you want the truth to come out, please help me by supporting Advance Indiana. It's bad enough that things in Washington have been subverted beyond anything imaginable by our founding fathers, but the situation in state and local government is equally as bad. The corporate-owned media giants that control all of the media today are not interested in exposing the evil corruption that has taken over every level of our government today; in many cases they are a part of the problem, not the solution. There is little you and I can do to change things in Washington, but here closer to home we have the power and the ability to expose the people who are subverting the government for their own self-interested purposes and violating every fundamental principle upon which our federal and state constitutions are based. You can support those efforts by providing confidential tips to me on corruption you have observed, particularly those of you working inside the government that complain incessantly about how bad things have gotten. And you can support those efforts by clicking on the "Make A Contribution" button in the right-hand column of this blog and making a contribution through PayPal. If you prefer to make a contribution directly, you can contact me at gwelsh@indy.rr.com for further instructions.