Downtown Thief Strikes Again

Downtown Indianapolis neighborhoods have been plagued by break-ins recently. Our condominium building in Lockerbie was struck again by this man at left. He was captured on our security cameras breaking into our garage late Friday night, and using a fire extinguisher to smash a window of one car to grab a bag inside the car before breaking the lock on a woman's blue Schwinn bicycle and riding off with it. Particularly disturbing is that the man rode the elevator leading from the residences of our building before going into the garage. He unplugged at least one of the cameras following his movements in hopes that he could prevent his actions from being recorded. Be on the look out for this guy. I believe he may have been responsible for some car break-ins at the Lockerbie Pub parking lot awhile back where thieves stole a laptop belonging to a city attorney and a briefcase was stolen from the Pub's owner's car. He had an accomplice during the break-ins at the Lockerbie Pub and by his movements appeared to be waiting for an accomplice who never showed up. He left an older blue woman's Schwinn bicycle outside our building that he had probably stolen from another location.