Carmel City Attorney Tried To Pull PI Invoices From Council Agenda


Fox 59 News' Anne Yeager is doggedly pursuing the story behind Carmel's controversial hiring of a private investigator to look into the sex life of former Regional Performing Arts Center CEO Steven Libman. Yeager learns that Carmel city attorney Doug Haney, who authorized the hiring of the private investigator, tried to pull invoices for the work performed by the private investigator from the agenda of the next city council meeting. As seen in the video above, Haney becomes very upset when Yeager attempts to question him on his way to practice as one of the cast members in the stage performance of Hair Spray at the Palladium. Haney also serves on the board of directors for the foundation that operates the Palladium, but he never informed the board that he was investigating Libman in his role as city attorney. When Yeager asked Haney about his conflict of interest, he protested, "You're a lawyer? Don't tell me the law. I'm a lawyer." Yes, Doug, you are, but the rules of professional conduct instruct you against trying to serve two masters at once, don't they?