Ballard Orders City Planners To Build Demand For Ersal's Parking Garage

Mayor Greg Ballard is giving $6.35 million of your taxpayer dollars to one of his largest campaign contributors, Ersal Ozdemir, to build a new parking garage in Broad Ripple supposedly because there is a shortage of available parking. Now he's ordering city planners to create added demand for parking in Ozdemir's parking garage so he can maximize his profits. Yes, the green light is being given to Kilroy's to build a new bar in the heart of Broad Ripple, as if there aren't enough there already, that is way short of the number of parking spaces required by the City's development standards. The IBJ's Cory Schouten has the story:

The city's planning staff has given its endorsement to a new Kilroy's Bar n' Grill in Broad Ripple after the owner agreed to scale back an outdoor seating area from 4,800 square feet to 2,000 square feet. An amended site plan filed Aug. 1 shows the smaller outdoor dining area would allow for the retention of nine additional parking spaces. The restaurant and bar plans to take the entire 7,750-square-foot building at 831 Broad Ripple Ave., now home to a Cardinal Fitness. Some neighbors have opposed the proposal, wary of another large bar and concerned the outdoor dining area would remove too many scarce parking spaces. The Kilroy's plan provides for 46 parking spaces, far fewer than the 119 required under the city's development standards. The new user, though, should not change the "intensity of automobile traffic" since most visitors in Broad Ripple "walk to multiple destinations," the planning department noted in its report. "The outdoor seating would be in character with the pedestrian friendly, village atmosphere of the area." The city's Board of Zoning Appeals is scheduled to vote on a variance request for Kilroy's on Aug. 16.

It should be no problem getting the variance through the BZA. Fellow blogger Pat Andrews has detailed how the BZA panels haven't met a variance request in Broad Ripple they don't like. Tony Rezko should have plied his trade in Indianapolis instead of Chicago. He would be living the good life in Carmel instead of sitting in a cold jail cell for many years to come.