Yet Another Arrest For Contempt Of Police

An Arkansas man is arrested by police after he recorded them conducting a traffic stop of a woman from the front yard of his home. While the man clearly goads the police officers by calling them Nazis, they escalated the matter by entering his property and coming into his garage to demand his identification. He was told by the police officer unless he provided identification to him, he would be arrested on any number of charges, including disorderly conduct and obstruction. While the man complies, albeit rudely as he raises 4th Amendment concerns, and provides his identification, the police still arrest him for disorderly conduct. The police even suggested he would be cited for a code violation for not keeping his grass mowed. Absolutely unbelievable. Don't these guys have anything better to do than pick fights that can't possibly win in the eyes of public opinion?

According to the Arkansas Blog, Jonesboro police searched Matt Harden's garage after arresting him and found a handgun, resulting in charges being brought against him for being a felon in possession of a handgun despite the fact that he had a license to carry a gun. He was held in custody for 24 hours before being released. A local prosecutor later dropped the bogus charges against Harden with an agreement by Harden not to bring civil litigation against the police department for violating his constitutional rights.