New York Vote Fraud Indictments Focus On Absentee Ballot Fraud

This should come as no surprise since the Democratic Party engages in wholesale vote fraud in urban areas throughout the United States every election. The law has caught up with top Democrats in Troy, New York, who were committing vote fraud by forging signatures on absentee ballots. Did you read that, Todd Rokita? It's absentee ballot fraud, stupid, not in-person vote fraud that you wasted your entire tenure as Secretary of State combating. Where the absentee ballot fraud occurred in Troy should come as no surprise since it has always been a preferred place for Democrats to commit vote fraud:

Anthony DeFiglio, a former Troy Housing Authority clerk, told State Police two years ago that [Troy City Clerk William] McInerney had asked him in August 2009 to help collect absentee ballot applications from people in the Griswold Heights housing project. DeFiglio told investigators that voters in low-income areas were often unwittingly targeted for the fraudulent use of their ballots because they were less likely to do anything about it.
State Police, in court documents, have said they have evidence that [Rensselaer County Board of Elections Commissioner Edward] McDonough delivered a bundle of forged WFP absentee ballots to McInerney on the eve of the 2009 primary election.
McInerney resigned his post as city clerk today and is rumored to be copping a plea deal according to the Times Union. LoPorto and McDonough have already been indicted on 116 felony counts. Seven public officials and Democratic operatives have been identified as targets of the ongoing investigation.