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Lowering Links & Stuff

Posted: 23 Jul 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Hey guys, Graham here with an update on the reconstruction of our Project Corona Suzuki.

As you can see in the beginning part of the video, Project Corona looks much more like a pile of parts than a motorcycle.

But finally, we've made some tangible progress. Our first attempt at getting the Suziki's engine in our replacement frame had to be put on hold while we removed a sheared-off engine mount bolt. Fortunately, the second time around everything went a bit more smoothly.

All we had to do was lift our replacement frame over the engine, thread all the wiring and cables up through the frame, and bolt everything together…if it sounds easy, that's because it is.

With the engine finally mounted in the frame, we could begin turning our pile of parts back into a sportbike, starting with installing the swing arm. Like the frame, installing this critical piece of the motorcycle was easy: One long bolt simple runs through one side of the frame, through the pivot point of the swing arm, and out the other side of the frame, where it is secured by a very large nut. Do, however, make sure to have the correct enormous socket required to properly tighten said nut, as the thought the swing arm coming loose while on the road is not a happy one.

We did discover one little bonus while we were pulling Project Corona apart—a nice set of aftermarket lowering links. With no manufacturer's mark, we couldn't tell where they came from, but the links felt sturdy and looked visibly stronger than the stock pieces. For now, we kept the bike set to the stock ride height while we reassemble it, but it's nice to know we can go lower in the future should we so choose.

True, just a frame and swing arm don't make a motorcycle, but at least the pile of parts is starting to shrink, and a motorcycle starting to form in its place.

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