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2011 Suzuki Gsxr600 Sunny Ride

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Hey, what’s going on guys? I finally lucked out and was able to take the little Gsxr600 out on a sunny day. This route in particular was going from downtown San Francisco toward the Haight and Ashbury neighborhood. So, we’ve got potholes, shady neighborhoods, runaway traffic cones, and more. Check it out.

Without going into the technical specifications of the bike that you can read in any sportbike magazine and online websites, I really, really enjoy riding this bike. Subjectively speaking, that’s pretty much sums it up. The little Gsxr, even in white, does not attract unwanted attention. It is not flashy. Just another commuter on the road.

I was dodging potholes left and right, and even that runaway orange traffic cone you saw early in the video, while I was still in the Tenderloin District. I can’t comment on track worthiness at this point, but I wouldn’t mind riding this to work everyday, not one bit!

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