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Captain America: The First Avenger

Posted: 14 Jul 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Hi guys, Paul here. Motorcycles and movies are a perfect match. In addition to providing a quick way to transport the character to a new location, they allow for unique jumps, chases, and maneuvers that set the character apart from the typical car scenes.

The latest in a recent flurry of movies to feature iconic motorcycles is Captain America: The First Avenger. Set in the World War II era, the motorcycles for this movie have been designed and built with the cooperation of Harley-Davidson. Utilizing the Cross Bones model, the current motorcycles were modified by Salvaggio Automotive Design to resemble the 1942 WLA Army motorcycle.

Now that filming has finished, and screening is about to begin (July 22), the movie props are being sent to the Harley-Davidson Museum to help promote the movie and preserve the legacy of their own past. Patrons can get up close for a view of the same motorcycles used during filming. While about 70,000 Army motorcycles were produced for World War II by Harley-Davidson, only five were recreated for the movie.

The Harley-Davidson also has other Captain America memorabilia to help fill up the display cases, as well as unique items like a motorcycle made entirely of leather, a mine cart, a liquid-cooled motocross motorcycle, and a sweepstakes where the winner can design their own 1200cc motorcycle alongside Marvel Comics and the in-house design team.

The Captain America exhibit ends Labor Day, and the contest ends December 1, 2011. The Harley-Davidson Museum is located at 400 Canal Street, Milwaukee, WI. The motorcycles are planned for the permanent collection while the rest of the merchandise is not. Here is the trailer as well.

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