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Motorcycle Ambulances Join Africa Relief

Posted: 07 Jul 2011 10:00 PM PDT

What’s up people? Check out these sidecar ambulances used in Africa and across the world. Based on the Chinese JH125 and JH200s, they are designed in the UK then built in South Africa by e-Ranger, who specialize in adapting vehicles for relief projects in the developing world.

The lightweight, four-strokes are fitted with a rugged, purpose-built sidecar loaded with medical equipment and capable of carrying a prone patient. They are used to transport patients to health centers and hospitals. They are often quicker than traditional four-wheeled ambulances.

The design is kept as simple and strong as possible to ensure reliability and easy repair. Leading link front suspension is used while 'roof' bars and an all-weather cover help protect the passenger.

UNICEF and e-Ranger hope that by the end of 2011, 1000 of the machines will be in service across the globe.

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