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Contour Left Side Mount

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 10:00 PM PDT

If you ride motorcycles, sooner or later the day is going to come when you want to record yourself riding. Maybe it's because you need the world to see you tearing it up on the back roads or flying down the freeway at triple digit speeds. Or maybe it's because you're going riding with some beginners and want to make sure you catch any crashes on tape. Regardless of your reasons, you need a helmet camera.

Here at Inline Performance, we have an arsenal of cameras and mounting equipment, but when it comes to simplicity and ease of use, it's hard to beat our Contour HD camera. While fancier cameras like GoPros offer more features, the Contour's compact size and simple, one button operation make it an ideal choice for a helmet cam.

Mounting a camera on the curved, smooth surface of a motorcycle helmet would be a challenge, was it not for Contour's purpose-built motorcycle helmet mounts. The mounts retail for just under twenty bucks, and have a slight curve built into them so they fit flush against the curved sides of the helmet. Contour offers mounts with the proper curvature for either the left or right side of the helmet, so make sure you know in advance which side the camera will be on before you buy.

Attaching the mounts to the helmet couldn't be simpler. Make sure the surface of the helmet is clean, peel the backing of the double-sided tape on the mount, and firmly press it into place on the helmet. Just make sure that the mount is lined up right because the adhesive that Contour uses is extremely strong—once the mount is in place, it's there for good. (We put the camera on the mount before we stuck it on the helmet, just to be sure our alignment was correct.)

Contour recommends allowing the mount to sit for 24 hours before use, and this is probably a wise idea, considering that a camera falling off your helmet is not only an expensive lesson, but also a potential hazard for any riders behind.

Of course, we were too impatient to wait a whole day, especially with a brand new loaner GSX-R 600 from Suzuki sitting in the garage. We're happy to report that the mount worked perfectly, even at higher speeds. Even better, because the Contour HD camera makes beeping sounds to indicate when it's recording, starting and stopping the camera with the helmet still on your head is a snap.

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