Will The Crime Beat Go On?

Carl Brizzi
Word on the street is that the days may be numbered for Carl Brizzi's Crime Beat show on WIBC-FM. A little birdy says Emmis Communications executives were none too pleased with Brizzi's on-air tirade during last Saturday's show against the whistle blower who blew the lid off Brizzi pal Tim Durham's Ponzi scheme, leading federal agents to descend on him and bring his high-flying world to a crash landing. Needless to say, the whistle blower feels Brizzi stepped way over the line when he called her out by name and suggested she was a "crazy stalker" and "residual nutcase." News executives at WISH-TV, which has also retained the services of Brizzi as a legal commentator after he stepped down as Marion Co. Prosecutor at the end of last year, were reportedly upset when Brizzi refused to take time out of a Las Vegas trip to comment on Durham's indictment last week after a satellite feed had already been set up for the interview. La de da de de.