North of South's Lobbyists Register To Lobby After Called Out For Failure

Last Monday after the Indianapolis City-County Council approved massive public subsidies for the downtown North of South project, I noted how lobbyists were thumbing their noses at Indianapolis' lobby law that first took effect last year. The number of registered lobbyists dropped from 76 last year to just 23 as of the end of February. I specifically mentioned the failure of anyone to register on behalf of Buckingham's North of South deal despite the intense lobbying efforts that have taken place over the last several months. "Lobbyists for Buckingham Properties, which won approval of a $98 million taxpayer loan and $40 million in public subsidies for its downtown real estate project North of South, did not bother to register to lobby this year despite their intense lobbying activities to win support for the project in recent months," I wrote. Well guess who belatedly registered to lobby this year after my blog post on Monday? Of course, Ice Miller's Tom John and Lesa Dietrick on behalf of Buckingham.