More Changes In Charlie White's Office

A.J. Feeney-Ruiz
Secretary of State Charlie White has named a former communications director for Todd Rokita as his new Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director replacing Jason Thomas, who resigned on Monday. He joins Jerry Bonnet, who White named on Monday to replace departing Chief of Staff Sean Keefer. Bonnet held the position of general counsel for the office before Monday's announcement. Feeney-Ruiz tells reporters he plans a different approach which will include releasing the report White's predecessor prepared concerning allegations White had committed voter fraud. WISH-TV reports:

The office needs some help as far as getting back on message," said Feeney-Ruiz, "and I already hope to be able to do that as well as help out in a new capacity as deputy chief of staff here."

Jerry Bonnet became White's chief of staff on Monday. He replaced Sean Keefer, who quit and departed on Friday. Now Bonnet and Feeney-Ruiz promise transparency that includes the release of the Rokita investigation in White's voter registration.

"Confident that there aren't going to be any curve balls or anything that come out of it," says Feeney-Ruiz. "So just let Hoosiers see it, let Hoosiers decide."

Working for Charlie White is a difficult assignment, but Feeney-Ruiz is already doing his best to paint a positive picture.

"In spite of the turmoil that may have occurred," he says, "this is an office that has operated up to this day and will continue to operate from this day in an efficient manner."
Feeney-Ruiz graduated from IU School of Law-Indy last year and just took the bar examination in February. His frequent Facebook postings are quite often entertaining and show off his impressive travels around the world. The guy knows how to have fun. I wish him the best in his new position.