House Democrats Ending Exile After 34 Days

House Democratic Leader Pat Bauer told reporters today his Democratic caucus will return to the State House later today after their 34-day self-imposed exile in Urbana, Illinois to stop the Republican majority from enacting legislation the minority members opposed. It remains to be seen what compromises, if any, Republicans made with the terrorists who have held the legislative body hostage since February 22.

UPDATE: The Star has updated its earlier story to indicate the fines of $250 a day, which were later increased to $350 a day, to compel the Democrats attendance will not be waived according to House Speaker Brian Bosma. The Republicans have agreed to compromise on legislation pertaining to labor project agreements for public works projects. The bill, which would have originally increased the size of projects that may be subject to such agreements to $1 million, will be increased from the current $150,000 threshold to $350,000, but it will be phased in over two years, in effect making the legislation useless, as the vast majority of public works projects can still be subject to project labor agreements. Project labor agreements allow governmental units to exclude all but union contractors from bidding on public works projects.