Donald Trump Debates The View Hags Over Obama's Natural Born Status

Donald Trump engaged in a spirited debate with The View hags today, insisting President Barack Obama should produce his original birth certificate if he wants to put the issue of his constitutional eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States to bed. Trump said he believes there is something on the birth certificate Obama does not want the American people to see or else he would have produced it long ago. Like I've said before, I had to produce my birth certificate to get my driver's license, to get a passport and multiple other occasions during my life. It is astounding that this man could ascend to the highest office in our country, decide on his own to send our troops to war and yet some people like Whoopi Goldberg can only say you're a racist to even raise the issue. Goldberg foolishly claims Bush didn't have to produce his birth certificate, ignoring the fact that the Bush family traces its ancestors to the some of the earliest arrivals to this country from Europe who sailed on the Mayflower, and both he and his father served in the military where they had to document their status. Not Barry. No, the rules that apply to you and I don't apply to Barry.