The Smiths at the Hacienda, Feb 4, 1983

Hacienda schedule, early 1983
More than a couple of sites pointed out that yesterday, 28 years ago, the Smiths played their third ever gig (second with the classic line up), opening up for 52nd Street at the Hacienda. The set was eight songs long, and most of these songs would, in short order, become very well known to Smith's fans around the world:

- These Things Take Time
- What Difference Does It Make?
- The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
- Handsome Devil
- Jeane
- What Do You See In Him?
- Hand In Glove
- Miserable Lie  

For a band playing only their second or third gig, they sound surprisingly well formed & tight. The arrangements aren't much different than what listeners would hear on singles & the group's debut album in less than one year's time. Below is "You've Got Everything Now". View a video playlist of the entire show here.

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