Ghosts of Max's Kansas City and other news

FoB©, Paul D, graciously pointed the way to some new memoirs being penned by long time music writer, Ed McCormack. As Paul describes it, Ed, who covered the NY rock scene for Rolling Stone in the early 70's, is writing his memoirs and serializing them over at Gallery & Studio. A New York native, and longtime resident, anyone interested in the music of the city in the 70's, and beyond, would be well served to check out his excerpts. Read them here.

In other related news, Steven Kasher, of the Steven Kasher Gallery (who hosted the grand Max's photo exhibit a few months ago), has an interview over at PMc Magazine promoting the recent Max's book, Max's Kansas City: Art, Glamour, Rock and Roll. Read it here.

Lastly, infamous music magazine, Rock Scene (no strangers to Max's Kansas City and it's environs), lives on in a couple of places. There's a blog, called Rock Scenester, painstakingly scanning & posting every issue of the magazine they can find. Visit them here. Also, the brand is, apparently, now owned by a fellow named Mark Weiss. It lives on in an online version which you can visit at