Back in the day - NYHC

Its funny how you can run into old acquaintances on the internet. This morning I was alerted by a small item Jeremiah ran today called Hardcore New York. A reader had pointed him to a great set of photos that someone named Brooke Smith had sent into Street Carnage - two of them are here - be sure to check all of them them out. Thats Dr. Know of the Bad Brains above. I can't quite place who that is below but it's on the tip of my tongue. See all of the photos here.

Anyway, I knew Brooke back in the very early 90's. We were both living in Rockland County at the time. Somehow we met, and hung out a bit. We weren't particularly close as I recall, but I've always remembered her for some reason. And there she is in 2011! At the time, she was acting, and was shooting Silence of the Lambs - she plays the girl who gets trapped in the well near the beginning. And judging by her IMDB page, it looks like she's been pretty busy ever since. Brooke, if you're out there, drop me a line.

Stay tuned for a NYHC-themed Friday Ephemera.