Retired Air Force Officer May Be Prosecuted For Attempting To Prove Obama Fraud

Retired Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister
 Shortly after the 2008 election, fellow blogger Debbie Schlussel published a bombshell report claiming that Barack Hussein Obama's Selective Service registration record had been forged. Although the report was ignored by the mainstream media, the story became part of a growing number of conspiracies surrounding a potential fraud of unparalleled proportions in American political history--namely, that Obama lied on several fronts about his personal biography, including his natural born status, to win the presidency. Now a retired air force officer stands accused of illegally accessing Obama's Selective Service records by using a social security number allegedly used by Obama in order to gain access to his records in an effort to prove his Hawaiian birth claim is a fraud. Records obtained by Retired Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister were filed in an amended complaint filed by controversial birther lawyer Orly Taitz in a D.C. federal court last week. Denver's ABC 7 News reports on the hot water Taitz filing with the court has landed Hollister:

A Colorado Springs man who claims to have records that proves Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate was forged could face criminal charges because he is alleged to have illegally accessed an online Social Security database.

Retired Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister impersonated Obama with the Selective Service and managed to get a card with President Obama’s Selective Service information on it, a blogger posted on last week.

Hollister told the Colorado Springs Gazette that a private investigator gave him what is purported to be the president’s Social Security number and he then accessed the Social Security Number Verification Service to find out to whom it was issued and to access Selective Service documents
The site allows registered users to verify names and Social Security numbers for employment purposes and warns that using it under false pretenses is a violation of federal law . . .
Schlussel's original report set the wheels in motion that led to Hollister's claimed discovery. Schlussel, with the assistance of a retired federal official, discovered the discrepancy in Obama's Selective Service registration, which suggested the record had been created a short time prior to the 2008 presidential election instead of June, 1979 when he was required by federal law to register. Schlussel wrote in November, 2008 of some of the findings she and a retired federal official had made after reviewing Obama's registration records obtained through a FOIA request:

The official campaign for President may be over. But Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration card and accompanying documents show that questions about him are not only NOT over, but if the signature on the document is in fact his, our next Commander-in-Chief may have committed a federal crime in 2008, well within the statute of limitations on the matter. If it is not his, then it’s proof positive that our next Commander-in-Chief never registered with the Selective Service as required by law. By law, he was required to register and was legally able to do so until the age of 26.

But the Selective Service System registration (“SSS Form 1″) and accompanying computer print-out (“SSS Print-out), below, released by the Selective Service show the following oddities and irregularities, all of which indicate the document was created in 2008 and backdated . . . .
First, there is the Document Location Number (DLN) on the form. In the upper right hand corner of the Selective Service form SSS Form 1, there is the standard Bates-stamped DLN, in this case “0897080632,” which I’ve labeled as “A” on both the SSS Form and the computer printout document. On the form, it reflects a 2008 creation, but on the printout, an extra eight was added in front of the number to make it look like it is from 1980, when it was actually created in 2008 . . . .
And guess where the Selective Service registrations are marked and recorded? Lucky for Obama, it’s his native Chicago . . .
Barack H. Obama signed the SSS Form 1′s “Today’s date” as July 30, 1980, labeled “D“. But the Postal Stamp reflects the PREVIOUS day’s date of July 29, 1980, labeled “E“. Yes, Obama could have mistakenly written the wrong date, but it is rare and much more unlikely for someone to put a future date than a past date . . .
Then, there is the question as to whether the Postal Stamp is real. The “postmark” stamp–labeled “E“–is hard to read, but it is clear that at the bottom is “USPO” which stands typically for United States Post Office. However, current “postmark” validator, registry, or round dater stamps (item 570 per the Postal Operations Manual) shows “USPS” for United States Postal Service. The change from Post Office to Postal Service occurred on August 12, 1970, when President Nixon signed into law the most comprehensive postal legislation since the founding of the Republic–Public Law 91-375. The new Postal Service officially began operations on July 1, 1971.

Why was an old, obsolete postmark round dater stamp used almost ten (10) years after the fact to validate a legal document . . . that just happened to be Barack Obama’s suspicious Selective Service registration form?

After Schlussel's report was published, there have been a number of Internet news reports claiming that private detectives had determined Obama had used a social security number to register for the Selective Service System that had actually been issued to a deceased man from Connecticut born in 1890. Social security numbers are never reissued even after a person is no longer living according to the Social Security Administration. Hollister used the social security number a private investigator claimed had been used by Obama to access Obama's Selective Service records. In fact, anyone could go to the Selective Service System's online database, enter their social security number and access the record in question. I verified my own Selective Service record in this fashion. Hollister apparently went a step further and obtained a verification that the social security number was issued to Obama from the Social Security Administration and used the social security number to have his Selective Service registration record mailed to him at his address in Colorado Springs--in effect impersonating Obama--to prove he was using a phony social security number. Taitz filed a copy of the document Hollister obtained with her court filing last week, which you can view here. It seems rather strange that someone would be capable of obtaining a document involving the President of the United States by means of identity theft.

Taitz has run afoul of federal court rules in the past with her numerous court filings concerning lawsuits she has filed seeking to have Obama deemed ineligible to serve as president because he is not a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution. In at least one instance, she has been sanctioned with fines by a federal judge. Taitz looked particularly foolish in one of her cases when she offered what turned out to be a forged birth certificate claiming that Obama was born in his father's native country, Kenya, rather than the state of Hawaii as he has always claimed. Constitutional scholars agree that a person must be born within the United States in order to be a natural born citizens, but some also argue that a person must be born of U.S. citizen parents. Obama's father was a British citizen when he was born because Kenya was still a possession of the British empire at the time of his birth in 1960. That made Obama a dual citizen at birth. Some constitutional scholars believe only persons owing no allegiance to another government at the time of their birth can qualify as natural born citizens. The issue has never been decided by the federal courts.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump, who has dangled the possibility of running for president as a Republican in 2012, recently reignited the debate over Obama's NBC status when he challenged him to release his birth certificate. Trump even released his own birth certificate showing his birth at Jamaica Hospital in New York. Some Obama apologists in the media, who have dismissed the questions about Obama's NBC status as just a conspiracy concocted by "birthers" as they derisively call them, questioned Trump's NBC status because his mother was born in Scotland. His mother became a naturalized citizen after she married Trump's father and prior to his birth.

Trump has dismissed the Certification of Live Birth the Obama campaign furnished to during the 2008 presidential campaign to prove his birth in Hawaii because it was not the original long-form birth certificate generated at his birth. Critics point out that a person can actually obtain a COLB from the state of Hawaii based on affirmations filed by a child's parents near the time of the child's birth without establishing the child was actually born in the state. Further clouding the issue is the existence of evidence Obama was actually adopted by his Indonesian step-father, Lolo Soetoro, and renamed "Barry Soetoro." His Indonesian school records confirm that Lolo was identified as his father, his name had been changed and his citizenship identified as Indonesian, not American. Typically, a new birth certificate is issued when a child is adopted to reflect the identity of his adopted parent and name change. It is unclear why Hawaii records would show Obama's name on his COLB as "Barack Hussein Obama II" and list "Barack Hussein Obama" as his father if he was in fact adopted by Soetoro. Trump has hinted to reporters he believes Obama has his original birth certificate but is hiding it because of something it shows that doesn't comport with his biographical narrative.

This strange episode surrounding the social security number allegedly used by Obama and the authenticity of his Selective Service record is one of many troubling issues with a man who was never vetted by the news media as other presidential candidates have been. Lest we forget the strange happenings when employees of a firm contracted by the State Department accessed Obama's passport file during the 2008 presidential election. It turned out the employees worked for a company run by John Brennan, who Obama later appointed as his top terrorism and intelligence officer at the National Security Agency. According to a Newsmax report, the unauthorized access of Obama's passport file was carried out in order to "cauterize" potentially damaging information about Obama. The Washington Times lated reported that a key witness in the investigation of the passport file breach case was murdered in Washington, D.C. "A key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday." "Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with federal investigators, was found late Thursday night slumped dead inside a car, in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in Northeast, said Cmdr. Michael Anzallo, head of the department’s Criminal Investigations Division," the Washington Times reported.

UPDATE: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, who has been on the birther bashing bandwagon for some time, went after Donald Trump on his show tonight where he appeared as a guest for raising the issue of Obama's NBC status. Here's the exchange as reported by Politico:

O'Reilly, who faced a walk-off from the ladies of "The View" in a recent appearance, noted that Trump mixed it up with host Whoopi Goldberg over the debunked questions about whether the president was born in the U.S.

"That was worse than what I did," said O'Reilly, who's pushed back hard on the "birther" arguments in the past after looking into it himself.

"We very early on did an investigation into Barack Obama's birth certificate," O'Reilly said, noting that his team had turned up two Obama birth announcements in local Hawaiian newspapers, "[So] I just dismissed it but you made a big deal out of it."

Trump said of the birth announcements: "I grew up with Wall Street geniuses. What they do in terms of fraud, and how they change documents — and I'll tell you something, if you notice, those dates were three days later. And here's what I ask people — who puts announcements? [Here's] two poor people, a man and a woman with no money, they have a baby. There's announcements in the newspaper? ... Nelson Rockefeller doesn't put announcements in. I've never seen one."

"They're common," said O'Reilly to Trump, interrupting him.

Noting that he'd provided his birth certificate, saying reporters said "the one I gave [originally] wasn't good enough," Trump added, "I have a birth certificate. I have my birth certificate. ... People have birth certificates. He doesn't have a birth certificate. Now, he may have one but there is something on that birth certificate — maybe religion, maybe it says he's a Muslim, I don't know. Maybe he doesn't want that. Or, he may not have one.

"But I will tell you this," Trump added. "If he wasn't born in this country it's one of the great scams of all time."

"Absolutely," O'Reilly replied, but he added, "But I don't think that's the case. ... I don't think you believe that either. You get a lot of attention raising the question."

Trump insisted, "Two weeks ago I felt like probably he was born in the country. Today it's possibly. I'm telling you, it's changed. I've seen too many things."
I like how Trump played the hide and seek game the Obama people have been playing to his credit. He produced to Newsmax both a commemorative birth certificate issued to his parents by the hospital where he was born and the official birth certificate filed with the New York City Public Health Department. Newsmax showed the commemorative birth certificate in its original report, which brought quick attacks from Politico's Ben Smith, who was outed as one of the JouralOlists carrying water for Obama's disinformation campaign in 2008, for producing an unofficial birth certificate. Newsmax obliged the complaining Smith and other apoplectic reporters on the Left with the official birth certificate. Naturally, they then focused on the fact that Trump's mother, a naturalized citizen, was born in Scotland and not the U.S. Trumps' point on the birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper serving as no proof of the place of his birth is spot on, but his suggestion that families don't have birth announcements placed in newspapers is way off base. Families all the time have birth announcements of family members placed in their local newspapers regardless of the child's place of birth.

UPDATE II: The Colorado Springs Gazette has a story on Hollister accessing the records here. In this story, he insists he did not break any laws. He claims he sent a 1099 tax form to Obama. “I was very meticulous and made sure everything I did was compliant with the law,” Hollister said, noting that he sent Obama an 1099 tax form. "A 1099 is an IRS income reporting form for independent contractors and free-lancers, the Gazette reported. "Hollister did not explain how sending that to Obama complies with federal laws on the use of Social Security data." Very strange.